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Preparing to Send You a Message

By August 24, 2010January 3rd, 2011Humor, Tips & Tricks

So, I installed the Trillian 5 Public Beta today, and was particularly amused when I encountered one of their new features:
Trillian notification with the text: Jonathan Wong is preparing to send you a message....

It lets you know when someone is preparing to send you a message, even if you weren’t having a conversation with them. My initial reaction was that it was pretty creepy, but at the same time, I could see some interesting possibilities.

First, if you see an incoming message that you’re not interested in answering, you can choose to make yourself scarce, thereby granting yourself the possibility of pleading ignorance. Certainly not something I condone, but I still found it intriguing.

Second, you can send a message to the person before they finish theirs. That way, you’re exploiting the creepy nature of the feature to creep someone else out.

Will these possibilities help your productivity? Probably not, but they certainly amused me for a few moments. Though, to be honest, not as much as the introduction of Trillian’s Rick Roll Detection feature:

Blog post: Trillian 4.2 for Windows Public Beta: Upgraded Windows Live protocol, can detect Rickrolls.

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