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An Easier Way to Search for Domain Names

By November 2, 2009May 29th, 2016Development, Recommendations, Tips & Tricks

In the past, whenever I wanted to search for available domain names, I checked with individual domain registrars. While this worked, it really wasn’t optimal- every time I wanted to check another domain’s availability, I had to press Back in my browser, re-enter a domain, re-submit the request, and then I’d know. Most websites were set up like this, unfortunately. Furthermore, if I wanted to compare domain registration fees, I’d have to check multiple websites.

I’m happy to say that these inconveniences are now no longer an issue. The solution lies in a site called Instant Domain Search. The webpage aims to facilitate the process of searching for a domain, and to do so, it:

  • searches automatically as you type
  • lists different rates from leading registrars
  • lists domains names that are for sale

Check it out:

Personally, I’m never going back to the old method.

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