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October 2009

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October 31, 2009

The Wall of Cookies

Back in June 2008, I invited a friend of mine to an Iron Maiden concert here in Montreal. Since he lives in Nova Scotia, this meant that he'd be staying at my place for a few days. Over the years I've known him, it was very clear to me that he really enjoyed cookies... so I thought I should be equipped for his arrival: The cabinet was almost completely full - each package you see in the photo had another identical one right behind it. Needless to say, we didn't finish all the cookies - I had to give them away to friends and family.
Tips & Tricks
October 26, 2009

Blocking Websites with the Windows Hosts File

Sometimes I decide that I never want to re-visit a particular website ever again, and I want a way to block it indefinitely. Normally, I just learned to ignore a website simply out of self-discipline. Lately, I decided I wanted something more secure. After all, even with self-discpline, I could still accidentally visit said site from a link found on another unblocked site. I figured out a good solution: the Windows hosts file. Windows features a special file simply called "hosts", without an extension. This file allows users to map hostnames to IP addresses. More importantly, however, is that when Windows tries to locate nodes on any given network, it will take the hosts file into consideration. It will actually consider the hosts file prior to querying…
HumorPersonal Stories
October 13, 2009

Powerful Mail

A friend recently sent me a package - I couldn't help but laugh when I saw it: I wasn't home when this package arrived, and that meant the mailman had to leave note informing me that a package for "Refghi Power" would be waiting for me at the local post office. When I went to get it, I tried to contemplate how I would prove that I am "Refghi Power", as all my IDs claim I'm "Matt Refghi". Also, keep in mind that mostly everyone around here speaks French. Thankfully, the guy at the post office laughed and said he got it.
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