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Dear Santa Claus

By March 22, 2009December 16th, 2013Personal Stories

I found this little historical gem at my parents place:


Let’s review this quickly:

  • I like how my first question challenges the logic of his whole operation, and the next one aims to strip him of his disguise.
  • Notice how the area under the word “May” in “May I have these toys please?” is scratched? I probably initially wrote “Can”, but then I figured that “May” made more sense. Nice.
  • “Meet me in my room. If I am asleep wake me up.” – I’d like to think this was a trap for this Santa fellow. Maybe I was hidden, waiting to de-mask the man as he attempted to wake me up. This was probably not the case.
  • That “signature” is awful, and is nothing like my actual signature. Nice try, 9 year-old me.
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